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Musicians Wanted…

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last week I had a random phone call from a church across town. They prefaced the conversation with this statement “I know most churches are very territorial over their musicians, but I was wondering if you guys had a drummer that could possibly fill in for us”. My answer was of course, that we are NOT that way at all about our musicians. In fact, I was able to find someone on our team to fill in for them. He was floored at my response & was very grateful for my help.

Here’s the truth: THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE! God didn’t give us time, talent, or treasure to keep to OURSELVES. He called us to GIVE these things back to HIM. I would say that the same is true of our churches. God has blessed us with very talented musicians, tech team, speaking pastors, greeters, etc. While some of these members serve every week, some only serve once or twice a month. We currently have as many as 4 musicians per instrument (and now expanding with 2 campuses), so there are certainly some off days built in for everyone. So why in the world would I be territorial about our volunteers?

Here’s the rest of the story: No sooner than I sent a musician (drummer) to my brother in need, I got a text with contact info on another drummer who had been visiting our church. This guy was a very seasoned veteran that has played Worship music for over 10 years. I believe with all of my heart it was God reminding me that we are to be generous with everything (and everyone) he has trusted us with! I was able to give him a call and he is set to come sit in on our next practice.

Here’s my question: What would have happened if I had been “territorial” with my musician friend? What if I thought that my job was to hold on to everything & everyone for OUR church’s sake? I have certainly been guilty of this before!

This can also be our mentality not only as Christians, but as churches. We think it is about US, OUR CHURCH, & OUR PEOPLE. As long as this is covered, we are good (no matter what it looks like for the rest of the Worshiping community on that day). God called us to be UNIFIED as THE CHURCH. We are called to be the BRIDE OF CHRIST, & THE HANDS AND FEET OF JESUS. That, in and of itself, means to GO when he calls us, to STAY when he calls us, to SHARE our resources with our brothers & sisters, & to BE Jesus to everyone around us (including other Churches!).

I believe that one day we will turn this world upside down for Christ, but it will not be until we truly understand our calling as believers. We are to make disciples who follow JESUS CHRIST, NOT who follow our individual establishments we call churches!