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Living in God’s Rhythm…

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Lately I’ve really been trying to get my life in “balance” in terms of time, energy, focus, etc. The truth is that sometimes I feel good about it, and other times I feel like this balance is nowhere to be found. There are nights I go to bed absolutely exhausted from the day and feel great about the things I’ve accomplished for the kingdom, and other times I just simply go to bed exhausted for what feel like no reason. I think this frustration comes because that was never God’s intent for us to be balanced at all.

There are seasons of business and seasons of rest. There are times for new/exciting things (the church going multisite, God blessing us with another child, etc.) and times for hardship (mourning with friends through the loss of a loved one, dealing with difficult personalities, etc.).

Here is the truth…God doesn’t expect us to have a balanced spreadsheet for our life! We all know that there is a natural ebb and flow. I think there is a better way to think about it…

God is constantly providing a rhythm for our life (for musicians we use a click track or metronome). He is moving in such a way as to accomplish HIS will. He is always moving at a steady pace and he has impeccable timing! Sometimes this rhythm is loud and clear in our lives, and sometimes it is simply in the faint background. We are not always ON rhythm, but as long as we hear it, we can adjust. There are times where we have to rest a minute until the next measure comes around, times to be loud, and times to be quiet. But at the end of the day, the most important thing is that we are always listening for that rhythm.

Adding “click track” to our music has made a world of difference. When the band is ON it, we are tight, and there is a noticeable difference. Simply put, it just feels right to all be in sync! It is very intentional and very rewarding. Without it we can play music, but there is an obvious lack of control over the outcome.

This can also be very true in my spiritual walk. Sometimes I get ahead of God and need to slow down in order to let him lead, and other times it seems he is having to pull me along. No matter how far off the rhythm I get, I know exactly how to get back on track. I just simply stop and listen to that constant voice and he always let’s me know what to do. This seems to be a much easier task than trying to find the perfect balance of God, Family, Work, etc. There is simply no such thing.

So the next time you are feeling worn out, run down, or stressed out about the lack of balance in your life, just remember that the best thing you can do is stop and listen for the rhythm that God has already laid out before you. Only HE can bring sanity to us in the midst of this crazy life!