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I am so excited right now about what God is doing in our Worship culture! It has been a slow process, but I see people starting to come with a sense of expectancy every week. By this I don’t mean an expectancy for excellent music, videos, sermon, etc. (which I hope are a by-product of our efforts), but rather an expectancy to truly meet with the Creator on a deeper level. Obviously the bigger picture here is personal discipleship, and daily personal Worship among the congregation (which has been our focus over the past year). We are making our way from the mindset of having a weekly “service” to more of a “Worship gathering” of mature followers of Christ, and it is a beautiful thing to watch! I hear people singing out things such as “I may be weak, but your spirit’s strong in me”, and “If Our God is for us, then who could ever stop us”. The Sunday “masks” are coming off and people are starting to see our need for something greater!

So now that we all have the right idea about Worship, what’s next?

I think we can all agree that God can really speak to us through the arts in a way like no other. Nothing speaks of creation like things created by His Holy inspiration. One area that I feel strongly can enhance our weekly corporate experience is the technical arts. Yes we should be able to Worship God anywhere, anytime, and in any environment, but how special is it when we put our BEST efforts into creating an environment that allows us to freely express our corporate Worship however we feel led? When I come into a house of Worship, I desire to have the freedom to get lost in the spirit of the Lord. I want to feel like I can sing out, raise my hands, & shout his praise. I want to feel like it is just me and God no matter how many people are in the room. I want to be in awe of everything about this experience! While I don’t think we can “create” these personal experiences, I DO think we can enhance the environment for them to take place. I think we can use the resources God has given us to create such an environment that can truly speak of his glory, power, & creativity!

So that’s the “what” and the “why”, but what about the “when”?

I feel like the BEST time for these creative enhancements are when we are all growing the most. During the upcoming “Not a Fan” spiritual growth challenge, we will be adding these creative elements (new lights) to simply add to the corporate experience of growing together.┬áRegardless of personal preference, or even spiritual maturity, I hope that we can all enjoy this new environment together as we continue to seek the face of God on a weekly basis. My prayer is that it will never become for us about any environment, but rather the God who is in it.

Worshiping Him with You,