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Here of late I have really been doing some thinking on this idea of eternal assurance. I have been brought up to believe the “once saved, always saved” principle. However, after having this idea challenged through reading “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan, it really got me thinking. It clearly states in the book that there is no room in heaven for a luke-warm Christian. In fact, it says that there is no such thing. I have heard scripture many times in my life, but never heard it spelled out that bluntly.

The truth is that none of us are perfect, and that most of us have been luke-warm at some point in our lives. So this brings about the question, what if I died during one of my luke-warm seasons? Would I go to hell because I was not on fire for God at the moment? If it were true, then by that principle, we would also lose our salvation every time we sin. We know that this is not true, because none of us would actually make it to heaven.

So…what is the truth about assurance? Here is what I believe: When we initially ask Jesus to reside in our hearts, there should be a transformation that happens. We should act differently, speak differently, have an unexplainable joy, etc. We should feel remorse anytime we wrong our relationship with God (which will probably happen often). However, the forgiveness is asked to right the relationship, not to get our salvation back. Sin just gets in the way of our relationship with the father.

What about “Christians” who blatantly live in sin and feel no remorse. Will they lose their salvation? My opinion: they never truly received it. I do not believe someone can do anything to refuse God once they have truly received Him as there Lord and Savior. We can obviously sin, and fall short of the glory of God, but never truly lose our salvation all together. We can, however, go through the motions to accept Christ without it being sincere. If someone has ever truly accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, even in the midst of the blatant sin there would be some since of remorse, if not, I would question the initial acceptance. If we are a true follower of Christ, there should be fruit from our relationship, if not, we might just be a fan of the idea.

Based on these thoughts, are you a follower or a fan?

Is there fruit from your relationship with Christ?

What can you do today to create more intimacy in your relationship with God?