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Breaking the “To Do” Cycle…

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Worship

Ironically enough, the hardest thing for me to do as a full-time minister of the gospel is to find alone time with God. I can so easily get caught up in “doing ministry” that I overlook the reason for doing what I do to begin with. Recently I have simply made this a priority in my life. Before I do anything (especially ministry things) I take the time to go before Him and proclaim that “I can not do anything apart from him” (the John 15:5 principal). I have also made this a “normal” part of every band rehearsal, meeting, etc with the team. I have found that the more time that we spend in prayer (which usually cuts into actual practice or meeting time), the more fruitful and productive the event is, and the more relaxed,┬áthe team is as well.

After seeing the fruit of this time with God both personally and corporately, I wanted to take it to the next level. My new goal is to spend as much as an entire day “away” weekly to simply be with God. To be out in his creation (away from the office), to listen, to acknowledge His presence, to read His word, to lay down my burdens, and to allow him to be creative through me. I realize that in order to be creative, I will need to breakout of my routine, and spend more time with the one who is the most creative.

Like any other goal, there will be tension. The tension to “get things done” will always be there. The tension to “plan accordingly” will always be important. But when I ask myself “what is the most important thing I can do?”, it is certainly not things on a “To Do” list. The single most important thing I could do with my time is to find “Sanctuary” with God. It doesn’t have to be a certain place or time (in fact it is good to keep things fresh), but it is the best thing I could do to develop intimacy with God. We can only pour into others what is already within our own spirit. We can only speak, act, and lead out of the overflow of our heart if it is filled with Him. We can only make true disciples of Jesus Christ if we know him intimately. While Sanctuary only works in conjunction with daily “abiding” in Christ, it is a vital part of the journey that too often gets overlooked.

When is the last time you found “Sanctuary” with God?

What things on your “To Do” list seem to take priority over this time?

How can I pray for you specifically to find this much needed time with God?