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Worship on Monday…

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Worship

At what point did the Church become responsible for the “Worship” response of the people? We all know that corporate Worship should only be a small part of the experience for us if we call ourselves true followers of Jesus Christ. However, we often judge the effectiveness of the Church by the “response” of the people on Sunday. I think this is totally backwards…let me explain.

I recently met with a good friend and expressed to him my concern for “raising the value of Worship” at our Church. He almost instantly said “What do you mean?” I then said “You know, how can I teach the people how to truly Worship God better”. He then cleared it up for me by saying “Worship is our personal response to God for what He has done for us. Moreover, Sunday Worship should only be a reflection of the Worship that they experience Monday-Saturday. This being said, in order to truly raise this value, the entire staff has to be owning their faith, and teaching their volunteers to do the same. If everyone is truly owning their faith during the week, then their natural response would be to truly Worship God fully on Sunday.”

You might be thinking right now…duh? Or “I’ve heard this all before”. Just hang with me here…

We are all “called” to Love God with all our heart, Love our Neighbor as yourself, and to make disciples of ALL nations. Our response to God should be “Here am I, SEND me”(Isaiah 6:8), but instead, the American Church often says “here am I, FEED me”. Somehow that thought is that Sunday is enough…it is enough to come and be a spectator, it is enough to take the sermon as the main course for the week, it is enough to keep your faith to yourself, and lastly, it is enough to allow your “Worship” response to be based on how you “feel” or how you “like” the music and to blame the Church for not meeting your need.

I could only imagine if the Church would totally “Rethink” this idea. That before we plan another concert, Worship event, or even Sunday service, we concentrate on the spiritual depth of the body making sure everyone had the right perspective on what Worship really is and what it should look like Monday-Saturday. We are all called to “love God with all of our heart” as our response to Him. It is not the responsibility of the Church to “Wow”, Impress, or Entertain you as a believer. We should all be truly in “Awe” of the creator every week, and regardless of the environment, music, or sermon presented in the corporate arena the personal experience always be the same (if we truly understand what it means to Worship)

What does your Worship to God look like on Monday?

Do you truly own your faith enough to have meaningful experiences with Him daily? To share it with others?

Is your perspective of Church altered from it’s original intent? If so, how did you get to this point?

*I would like to challenge you to take a closer look at what “Worship” means to you.